What People Say about the IMS Workshop

  “I have experienced significant improvement and changes in my communicating...My body, my voice, and my words have become like a true Montessori lesson...I came away from the conference with something totally unexpected — myself, externalized in my improved communication.  Thank you for creating the environment that encouraged and allowed this to happen.”
    Paul Posillo ( Ashaway, Rhode Island)
  “This conference helped me to understand better and to know the differences of my personality and my being.  It gave me the courage to apply the three Montessori principles.
Florence Swaminathan (Houston , Texas)
    “It was a great experience...words can never describe the conference and its benefits...a total success....”
Sharmila Suthesh (Singapore )
After attending...I was able to apply what I learned immediately — with amazing results.  The normalized child began appearing all over the room!”
Anita Bresler (Reading Pennsylvania)
" I am amazed at how much consciousness the Creating the New Education workshop has brought into our family life...Each challenge is overcome with observation, listening and redirection...Our communication with the children around us is improved, and more respectful and peaceful.."
Isabelle Guilbert (San Diego, CA)
  "Thank you for the great work you are doing.  Since attending your workshop and implementing the techniques, I thank God daily for the change in myself..."
Debbie Brown (Fayetteville, AR)
  "Thanks for your help. I have been waiting these two years to get this kind of help in the classroom. ... I had nothing like this kind of training in my training program. It was all about the materials and the lesson plans...what about the child?..."
Diane Singleton (Bloomington, IN)
"...I thought I heard what Montessori was saying but was not applying it literally.  She could not have been more specific (now that my eyes are open WIDE)...my work is to undo years of traditional methods....I am re-reading everything montessori wrote in a new light thanks to you"
Ronnie Hazzard (Albany, NY)
"I like the results I'm having with conflict resolution.  The children really listen when I do reflective language...My first day back after the workshop I did a lot of observing, and eye contact and little speaking...I am much more relaxed and confident in what I am doing.  thanks for a great workshop"
Elley Rosenberg (Philadelphia, PA)