Format and Key Features

The workshop format is interactive and experiential, offering group discussion, demonstrations, examples, materials lesson presentations, slides, video clips and role-play drama to help participants learn a precise technology designed especially for true natural Montessori teaching. You will see this technology as a set of techniques, protocols, lesson presentations and safe words which, taken together, help you implement this scientific approach in a consistent, reliable manner.

Upon registration, you will receive several publications to help you prepare in advance for a successful workshop experience. Please study them carefully in advance to help assure the best results possible at the workshop itself. Notice particularly Overview of Montessori Education, True Natural Montessori Teaching, and Procedures and Format . Write down and send in questions in advance to make sure your specific issues and concerns are covered at the workshop.

  The workshop provides essential knowledge for implementing a scientific type of Montessori teaching to bring about the childís true nature. The basic experiment in this approach is testing the premise that all children have a perfect inner guidance for their own true normal self-directed development. Register
  The workshop presents the technology of true natural Montessori teaching. Until 2003, any such comprehensive technical knowledge was considered non-existent, unknowable or otherwise impossible to fully describe.Register
  The IMS technology consists of a set of techniques, protocols, lesson presentations, and safe words, which anyone can use for conducting the same scientific experiment that brought about Dr. Montessoriís discovery of the childís true nature in 1907. However, this new technology allows you to conduct this experiment in a conscious, intentional manner.Register
  The workshop is conducted in a lively experiential manner that includes a slide-show presentation, video clips, group discussion, demonstrations, examples, materials presentations and role-play drama. For example, you will see how to use such techniques as distraction, eye contact, and proximity to resolve common misbehavior scenarios of disorder and inattention with children in a peaceful, friendly, and effective manner.Register
  At the workshop, you learn the basic elements of presenting the distinctive self-teaching Montessori materials to free children to their own independent learning. The workshop will also help you join with others in the vital work of creating Dr. Montessoriís vision of a new education in the world.Register