Aims of the Workshop

The IMS workshop, Creating the New Education is a two-day weekend learning experience to develop and improve Montessori teaching that brings about the child’s true nature, showing such outward behavior as spontaneous self-discipline, love of order and complete harmony with the environment. It views Montessori teaching as a scientific way of being committed to laws of nature, creating conditions for the emergence of the child’s true nature.

The Workshop will Help you to:


Learn the basic approach of true natural Montessori teaching Montessori teaching
to control the environment, not the child, by following precise technology designed especially for this purpose.

Discover the reality of the child's true nature, showing such normal behavior as loving order, spontaneous self-discipline, eagerness for intellectual activity; attachment to reality and complete harmony with its environment.
Recognize the child as a spiritual being with perfect inner guidance for its own self-directed normal development.
Resolve Misbehavior in children by using specific technology, consisting of techniques, protocols, lesson presentations and safe words to "control the environment, not the child."
Practice skills for applying the technology to common problems with children, through observation exercises, discussion, sample demonstrations, video presentations, and role-play drama as related to real-life situations with children.