About the Speaker

Lee Havis, Director
International Montessori Society

Lee Havis began studying Montessori teaching in 1969, first as a practicing teacher with young children, and then later through training Montessori teachers in the 1970’s. In 1979, he discovered how Montessori teaching brings about the child’s true nature. Based on this breakthrough discovery, he established the International Montessori Society (IMS) to share and expand this knowledge with others.

Since 1986, Lee has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and conferences to help parents, teachers, and other educators learn the practical skills of true natural Montessori teaching. In 2003, he discovered and consolidated a technology for the objective and reliable practice of this scientific approach with children. At the IMS workshop, Lee presents this technology in a systematic, yet highly experiential manner.

Since 1994, Lee has served on the board of directors and the generic review committee of the International Montessori Accreditation Council (IMAC). This accrediting agency provides broad quality standards for all Montessori teacher education programs in the world.

As IMS director, Lee serves as editor and primary contributor to its regular newsletter, entitled the Montessori Observer. He has also contributed to a number of Montessori texts, including introduction to Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work, by E.M. Standing (publ. 1998); Foreword to The Essential Montessori by Elizabeth Hainstock (publ. 1995); Foreword to Teaching Montessori in the Home – preschool years; Foreword to Why Montessori? by Aisha Abdullah (publ. 2001). He is also author of the Evaluation of Basic Skills, a set of standardized test materials for children aged 3-18 (1996). Lee is presently completing a text entitled The Technology of Montessori Teaching.