Audio Recording and Study Guide

Workshop Audio Recording
with Study Guide

Audio Recording
(4 cd set, 4 ½ hrs.)

featuring Lee Havis, IMS executive director, presenting technology of Montessori teaching: 10 techniques, 20 protocols, 3 lesson presentations, safe words.

Study Guide
(30 pages)
Summary of
definition of
description of
outline for
making notes
while listening
to recording.



Get answers to these questions and more:
What is Montessori teaching, and how can I do it to bring about perfect normal being in children?
Why do children disobey, and what can I do to completely resolve:
bad words?
social conflicts?
power struggles?
all other misbehavior?

How can I start a Montessori environment with new children?

How can I show materials to children so they concentrate and become normalized?

What is the best way to teach children to read?








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