Montessori News

Montessori News Fall 2012

The Montessori News is the 8-page newspaper periodical of the International Montessori Society. It is sent to all IMS members two times each year, Spring and Fall. In this publication, readers find a variety of article about IMS and Montessori teaching designed especially for parents and other non-professional educators interested in this distinctive unconventional new education.

In the News, there is provided a summary of IMS services, publications, and other resources and tools available for learning more about Montessori teaching and the unique IMS technology for practicing this approach in a scientific, objective manner that was never possible before. There is also included a convenient book order form for mail shipment of books and materials.

The Montessori News includes articles and practical guidance on many aspects of Montessori teaching, such as how to resolve misbehavior in many common problem situations with children. It also reports on the work of IMS and its various projects such as teacher education through workshops and distance learning, and the Danbury audio cd series and study guide for learning about the IMS technology of Montessori teaching.

IMS members receive the News at each publication date. However, a free current or back issue will be sent to non-members on request by email to IMS. For regular subscription and delivery, Join IMS a member, school or individual. IMS recognized schools, listed at this website, receive a free bulk mailing of the News in sufficient quantity for distribution to all parents and staff.