Montessori Workshops
Creating the New Education
Learn skills for following laws of nature with children

2-day weekend experience sponsored by
International Montessori Society

workshop registration, 8 weeks in advance, discount rate  is $140/members; $170/regular
Regular registration is 4 weeks before workshop: $170/members; $200/regular
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The Workshop will Help you to:

Learn and Improve Montessori teaching as a way of being committed to laws of nature. It will show you how to use the whole distinctive technology of Montessori teahcing, to create an effective normalizing environment, to assure the emergence of the child's true "normalized" nature as described by Dr. Montessori.  This technology is a set of techniques, protocols, lessons and safe words that you can use to create the and sustain the special normalizing conditions described by Dr. Montessori
Discover the reality of the child's true "normalized" nature; i.e., loving order, spontaneous self-disciplined, eager for intellectual activity; attached to reality and in complete harmony with its environment.
Develop and enhance practical skills of Montessori teaching to "control the environment, not the child". You will learn to see the "adult personality" as a distinct element in the child's environment to control, and techniques to effectively do that; e.g., distraction, reflective language, questioning and eye contact.
Examine specific "misbehavior" situations with children; to use such Montessori principles as "observation", "individual liberty" and "preparation of the environment", to resolve misbehavior scenarios to completion, leaving only the reality of the normalized child.
Practice skills and technology of effective Montessori teaching through observation exercises, discussion, sample demonstrations, role-play drama of resolving misbehavior and showing children the proper use materials. This will help you incorporate the various workshop techniques, protocols, lesson presentations and safe words fully into your regular daily activity with children.

About the Workshop
The IMS workshop aims to help you develop and improve Montessori teaching skills to fully create and sustain the psychological conditions that allow for normal being in children. Dr. Montessori did not elaborate this precise technology in her books, and it is totally distinct from conventional teaching. The workshop presents this technology for the practical guidance of anyone willing to follow-up to use it with children. Using the workshop technology, you will eventually see the "normalized" child discovered and described by Dr. Montessori in 1907.
  At the workshop, you will see Montessori teaching as a way of being committed to laws of nature with children, consistent with such fundamental Montessori principles as  (1) “Observation”; (2) “Individual Liberty” and (3) “Preparation of the Environment”.  This is an approach of experiential understanding, a new reality of normal being that functions with parameters totally different from conventional education. You will see this approach as scientific education to "control the environment, not the child".   The workshop provides a comprehensive, detailed and precise technology of skills, which are vital tools for anyone seeking to engage in this new education.

     The workshop context is experiential understanding of laws of how to be committed to laws of nature.  Format is an open, expansive process of discussion and experiential learning, led by IMS executive director Lee Havis.  It will provide participants with the essential tools of Montessori teaching, which Havis consolidated in 2003, based on its development and refinement over some 30 years of experience and over a series of more than 100 similar workshop events conducted throughout the world since 1986.

    The workshop format is interactive and dynamic inner preparation that will translate essential Montessori technology into simple, clear steps that anyone can learn to skillfully use with children.  Each new workshop offers a higher level of precision and clarity of this technology, building on knowledge and experience gained from prior similar events.

    At the workshop, you will learn to specific techniques to resolve many common practical problems with children, including the particular issues raised by those attending.  It will help uncover and resolve unknown inner errors, so much at the cause of continuing misbehavior and partial results in Montessori teaching.   You will see how to control and remove these negative, destructive habits and patterns by using such simple but powerful techniques as  distraction, eye contact, questioning, cooperative touching, clear direction, proximity, reflective language and lesson presentations with materials.   These techniques will help you control and remove those deeply rooted tendencies towards “abandonment” and “negativity”, which are always involved and projected in all forms of misbehavior.   You will see how using the workshop technology resolves such common problems as disobedience, disorder, fantasy, inattention, dependency and other types of misbehavior in children - to ultimately reveal the child's true normalized nature. 

    The workshop is always new and dynamic, because it follows laws of nature that are infinite and eternal. It is inner preparation that is vital for all seeking to put Dr. Montessori's scientific approach to children fully into practice.   Using the workshop techniques, you too can discover the reality of the normalized child as described by Dr. Montessori.  Register and attend an IMS workshop to prepare yourself for the exciting challenge of creating Dr. Montessori's vision of a "new education" in the world.

What People Say about the IMS Workshop
“I have experienced significant improvement and changes in my communicating...My body, my voice, and my words have become like a true Montessori lesson...I came away from the conference with something totally unexpected — myself, externalized in my improved communication.  Thank you for creating the environment that encouraged and allowed this to happen.”
    Paul Posillo ( Ashaway, Rhode Island)
“This conference helped me to understand better and to know the differences of my personality and my being.  It gave me the courage to apply the three Montessori principles.
Florence Swaminathan (Houston , Texas)
“It was a great experience...words can never describe the conference and its benefits...a total success....”
Sharmila Suthesh (Singapore )  "
After attending...I was able to apply what I learned immediately — with amazing results.  The normalized child began appearing all over the room!”
Anita Bresler (Reading Pennsylvania)
" I am amazed at how much consciousness the Creating the New Education workshop has brought into our family life...Each challenge is overcome with observation, listening and redirection...Our communication with the children around us is improved, and more respectful and peaceful.."
Isabelle Guilbert (San Diego, CA)
" Thank you for the great work you are doing.  Since attending your workshop and implementing the techniques, I thank God daily for the change in myself..."
Debbie Brown (Fayetteville, AR)
"Thanks for your help. I have been waiting these two years to get this kind of help in the classroom. ... I had nothing like this kind of training in my training program. It was all about the materials and the lesson plans...what about the child?..."
Diane Singleton (Bloomington, IN)
"...I thought I heard what Montessori was saying but was not applying it literally.  She could not have been more specific (now that my eyes are open WIDE) work is to undo years of traditional methods....I am re-reading everything montessori wrote in a new light thanks to you"
Ronnie Hazzard (Albany, NY)
"I like the results I'm having with conflict resolution.  The children really listen when I do reflective language...My first day back after the workshop I did a lot of observing, and eye contact and little speaking...I am much more relaxed and confident in what I am doing.  thanks for a great workshop"
Elley Rosenberg (Philadelphia, PA)

Workshop Location/Accommodations
The workshop is held at a conveniently located hotel or other suitable facility.  Out of town participants may register at that hotel or elsewhere nearby. Each registrant will receive information about the facility and hotel and a complete set of study materials upon registration, to prepare for a successful learning experience in the workshop. The workshop fee also includes refreshments in the meeting room, and a light lunch on both days.

Registration Early registration fee 8 weeks in advance is $140/person (members); $170/person (non-members). Registration 4 weeks before the workshop date is $170/member; $200/regular. .  After that date, an additional late fee of $50 applies. Return the registration form below with the proper fee to the address indicated. Rates are given here in US currency, but foreign currency equivalents are acceptable, if exchangeable to US currency.  Payment may be made by check or visa/master card credit card.   Send credit card number and expiration date by email or fax: (301) 589-0733 *51. Contact IMS for details of payment procedures for wire transfers. Call with your comments or questions about the workshop —(USA) 301-589-1127 or toll free, 1-800-301-3131

Eight (8) weeks before the workshop date is $140/person (members); $170/person (non-members).   Four (4) weeks before, register at the regular rate per person: $170/member; $200/regular.    A substantial further discount for schools is provided — for every three (3) paid registrations submitted from the same school, a fourth person, parent or staff, may attend at no extra charge.   Member schools, either associate or recognized Montessori school, may apply the discount membership rate for all parents and staff.  A cancellation fee of $25 is charged for withdrawal before workshop date.  There are no refunds within seven (7) days of the workshop.   Fees may vary when IMS is not the exclusive sponsor.

Workshop Hours  
The two-day weekend workshop is conducted from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on the first day, and 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on second day.

Certificate of Attendance
A certificate of attendance is provided to those who attend the workshop in complete accordance with the specified rules.  The International Montessori Society recognizes this certificate for 15 clock hours of continuing Montessori teacher education.

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