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Learn Technology of Montessori Teaching

Following Laws of Nature to Discover the Normalized Child

The two-day weekend workshop presents a new, reliable and comprehensive technology for Montessori teaching that effectively allows anyone to create the right conditions for the emergence of the child’s true nature as discovered by Dr. Montessori in 1907; i.e., the normalized child with perfect inner guidance for its own self-directed development. Led by Lee Havis, IMS executive director, the workshop guides you through an experiential understanding of this technology, which consists of a set of precise techniques, protocols, safe words and lesson presentations to control the environment, not the child. Before 2003, this technology was considered non-existent, unknowable or otherwise impossible to fully describe.

Workshop participants receive a 40-page study guide to help assure your successful learning experience. Those who complete the entire workshop will receive a certificate of attendance, which is recognized by IMS for meeting 15 hours of continuing Montessori teacher education. Contact IMS to initiate planning for an IMS workshop in your area. Join IMS to stay informed about new workshops as they become scheduled.

Attending the workshop you will learn how to apply the IMS technology to bring about magical moments with children. here are some examples

Next Workshop – Washington, DC (August 1-2, 2015)

Registration and Fees— By July 15, 2015, discount rate is $150/member; $180/regular. After July 15, 2015, $180/member; $210/regular. To register, complete the registration form, or on-line at:

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