Montessori Schools

IMS recognizes Montessori schools based on their stated commitment and practice to follow laws of nature with children as set forth in specific recognition criteria. IMS seeks to maintain and support this commitment through workshops, teacher education, and consultation services to assure the highest quality of program operation possible. Contact IMS for further information about qualifying participants.

Much-valued Commitment
What is your school’s philosophy of Montessori teaching? – personality, cultural, or true natural? If your school is committed to following laws of nature, then it follows the “true natural” type philosophy that the International Montessori Society (IMS) represents in the world.… read more

List of Recognized Montessori Schools
Montessori schools are listed by country, with pertinent contact information for each. In the United States, schools are listed alphabetically by state...See list

Recognition Criteria
Montessori schools must comply with specific recognition criteria, which assure their understanding and allegiance to the effective practice of true natural Montessori teaching. These criteria relate to such areas as purpose and objectives, policies and procedures, physical environment, instructional program, and teaching staff... read more

Model Discipline Policy
The IMS model discipline policy sets forth basic aspects of managing children misbehavior in a manner consistent with true natural Montessori teaching. IMS Montessori schools agree to follow the basic guidance of this policy at their more

Statement of Compliance
IMS Montessori schools are required to sign a statement assuring their faithful compliance with all IMS recognition criteria and policies...Read more

To apply for IMS Montessori school recognition, make your payment here.

1 year term. Annual renewal. $10 per enrolled child ($700 maximum $45 minimum)

Qualified schools follow true natural Montessori teaching. Recognition will be confirmed by follow-up mailing of specific written criteria.

* Reduce amount of fee paid to IMS for teacher training distance learning course, workshops, or consultation during past 12-month period ($45, minimum)

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