Montessori Schools

Statement of Compliance

This statement affirms that your school will faithfully comply with all criteria and policies of the International Montessori Society (IMS) established for recognition of Montessori schools.

The main school official agrees and pledges that the school will faithfully conduct Montessori teaching in all aspects of its program for children, as specified and required by the pertinent written criteria for IMS Montessori school recognition. In addition, the school agrees to establish and maintain a discipline policy in the treatment of children that follows the basic guidance and direction of the IMS Model Discipline policy.

It is understood that any consistent and substantial violations or unresolved questions raised about the school’s compliance with IMS criteria or policies may be grounds to discontinue or withhold this recognition.

The school official signsthe statement to confirms that this person has read and understood this Statement of Compliance, the IMS Montessori school recognition criteria, and IMS model school discipline policy, which are set forth elsewhere at t he IMS website.