Montessori Schools

Recognition Criteria

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the school is consistent with Montessori teaching as a scientific way of being committed to laws of nature with children. The aim of this approach is to support the children’s normal development as Dr. Maria Montessori first discovered and reported this as the child’s true nature in 1907. The school implements this true natural Montessori teaching by allowing children to develop and learn naturally through their free self-directed activity. The objectives of the school are consistent with the following:

  • To create an environment for children and teachers committed to true natural Montessori teaching.
  • To demonstrate a public commitment to true natural Montessori teaching in all its communication and association with the surrounding community.
  • To support communication with the parents to further true natural Montessori teaching in the home and society.

Policies and Procedures

  • Admission and employment are open to all qualifiedindividuals without regard to race, color, sex or national origin.
  • The school meets all legal requirements for space and facilities with regard to applicable health, zoning and fire safety regulations.
  • The school meets all proper standards and requirements of the state and local governments applicable to Montessori schools for the age level of children served.
  • The school is committed to an advertising and promotion policy of complete honesty in all public announcements.

Physical Environment

  • The classroom contains an adequate number of concrete, manipulative materials maintained in an orderly, clean, attractive matter.
  • The classroom provides lightweight, child-sized tables, chairs and other furnishings to enable children to care for their own needs independent of the teacher.
  • The materials reflect reality and nature to enable children to accurately organize their perception of the world.
  • The materials are readily accessible to children to enable free use according to individual interest.
  • A safe and protected outdoor space is provided to enable children to engage in vigorous motor activity and discovery of nature.

Instructional Program

  • The purpose of the classroom is to enable children to develop and expand their natural ability to learn spontaneously through self-directed activity.
  • Materials are structured and presented to enable self-teaching and independent activity.
  • The child is allowed free choice of classroom activity and freedom of movement based on individual interest limited by the collective well-being and freedom of others.
  • For young children, a full range of self-teaching materials are provided in the following areas:

Practical Life: Materials and activities relating to awareness of movement and care of the environment and self to enable children to develop independence, concentration, coordination and order.

Sensorial: Materials and activities for making accurate judgments and comparisons of size, shape, color, sound and texture to refine the senses for accurate observation and perception of the physical world.

Math: Materials and activities for the development of mathematical abstractions including numeration, place value, and the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Language: Materials and activities for the development of writing, reading, oral and written expression.

Cultural Subjects: Materials and activities to develop awareness of cultural subjects such as history, geography, science, art and music.

  • Montessori programs for children over six years of age enable children to continue exploration of the environment outside of the classroom and further independent study of advanced academic and cultural areas based on individual interest.

Teaching Staff

  • The teaching staff meets training and health requirements of applicable state laws and other government regulation pertaining to the type of schools described in these criteria.
  • The teaching staff is committed to following true natural Montessori teaching in all their interactions with children.
  • Each classroom is supervised by a teacher skilled in true natural Montessori teaching for the age level of the children being supervised.