Montessori Schools

Much Valued Commitment

What is your school’s philosophy of Montessori teaching? – personality, cultural, or true natural? If your school is committed to following laws of nature, then it follows the “true natural” type philosophy that the International Montessori Society (IMS) represents in the world. If so, then you qualify for IMS recognition as a Montessori school.

For IMS, Montessori teaching is the scientific way of following laws of nature with children that leads to the emergence of their true natural being. This is the same scientific approach that Dr. Montessori accidentally employed in Rome, Italy, in 1907, when she made her breakthrough discovery of the child’s true nature. In 1979, this approach became fully understood so that it can now be practiced in a conscious, intentional manner that was never possible before. Since then, IMS has been the worldwide representative of this unique type of Montessori teaching, offering its recognition to distinguish and identify those schools committed to its practice with children.

IMS Montessori schools receive a signed wall-size certificate of their recognition and are listed with other committed schools at the IMS website: In addition, as a recognized school, you will receive IMS publications and support on a regular basis. The IMS newsletter, Montessori Observer is published and distributed to members 4 times per year, and the 8-page IMS newspaper, Montessori News, twice per year. In addition, IMS schools receive other services and discounts as described at the IMS website.

To apply for recognition, complete this form and submit it to IMS with the proper fee. You will then be sent a statement to sign to confirm and substantiate your school’s compliance with IMS recognition criteria. Full details, including a list of IMS recognized schools, is provided at the IMS website:

Fee for IMS “Montessori school” recognition is $10 per enrolled child, with a maximum fee of $700 per year. This fee is reduced to a minimum of $45 per year according to the amount of fees paid for your participation in various IMS programs, such as training workshops and teacher education for staff and parents at your school.

Once recognized, your school will be placed on the list of IMS recognized schools at the IMS website. Here, details about your school, including complete contact information, will be pro-vided and available to the general public.

Contact me directly if you have questions or wish further information about this IMS recognition program or any other aspect of IMS membership or training. If your school is not ready or qualified for IMS recognition, you can still join IMS as a regular member to receive IMS publications and other benefits. Whatever your situation, I hope you will consider this opportunity to participate in the vital work of creating Dr. Montessori’s vision of a “new education” in the world.