Montessori Schools

Model School Discipline Policy

Our School is committed to discipline of children that always dignifies and respects their own inner guidance and self-directed purpose for harmony, order, cooperation and love towards their environment. Adults shall therefore only interact with children to support the principles of self-discipline in children. Consistent with this policy, adults assure the children's compliance and cooperation with necessary procedures and proper behavior through such positive, respectful means as example, clear directions, reasoning, distraction, reflective language and questioning.

The school considers any intentional inflicting of physical pain, or threat of such pain, on children, by such means as pulling hair, grabbing, pulling, hitting, spanking, slapping, pinching, etc., as strictly inconsistent and contrary to its discipline policy. These actions are therefore prohibited on school grounds by any adult at any time.

This policy applies to all adults while on school premises, including regular staff, part-time personnel, volunteers and parents and their agents. All such adults are required to and agree to follow this discipline policy at all times in their interaction with children on school premises. This policy also includes the actions of parents or their agents in the treatment of their own children while on school premises.

Any adult who violates this policy agrees to accept correction, direction or other suitable guidance to cooperate in a remedy of the situation, consistent with the discipline policy stated here.

A signature line confirms that the signing person has read and agrees to follow and fully support the above stated discipline policy.