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NON-MEMBER RATE Titles - 11-18
MEMBER RATE Titles - 11-18

Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work.
by Standing, foreword by Lee Havis

Originally published in 1957, this is a 1998 revised and updated version, featuring an introduction by Lee Havis, and current resources about Montessori education. It provides a thorough biography of the life of Dr. Montessori from the perspective of a close associate of many years. It also attempts to describe the underlying principles of Dr. Montessori's approach in a scientific, objective manner. 380 pages. Penguin. ISBN 0-452-27989-5.
Montessori Manual
Joy Hardinge, ed., 1993

Pictures, notes and lesson presentation details and descriptions of materials to be used by children in a Montessori environment. This publication is a detailed transcription of this information as given directly by Dr. Montessori in her training program in Madras, India (1941-42). 130 pages. Hardinge.
The Essential Montessori
By Elizabeth Hainstock, Foreword by Lee Havis

Originally published in 1986, this current 1997 edition is a significant revision and update of basic information that introduces the work and ideas of Dr. Montessori. It provides a concise and highly readable explanation of key ideas, with references to quotes directly from Dr. Montessori and her original publications.
Teaching Montessori in the Home —
Preschool Years

By Elizabeth Hainstock. Foreword by Lee Havis

First printed in 1968, this edition was revised and updated in 1997. It provides easy-to-follow ideas and exercises for parent to use Montessori materials with children aged 2-6. 115 pages. Penguin.
ISBN 0-452-27909-7
Why Montessori?
By Aisha Abdullah. Foreword by Lee Havis

Published in 2001, this book is specifically designed to introduce Montessori education to parents. It provides basic information, and is designed especially to help busy parents choose the right preschool for their child. 96 pages.
Times Books. ISBN 981-232-173-X
Prisoners of Pain
By Author Janov

This 1980 publication examines the source of anxiety and psychological disorders in present time as caused by repressed feelings from the past. It offers a means to resolving these disorders by a process of completing the causative experiences in the present moment. This is the process of primary therapy championed by Dr. Janov and presented in his original book on the subject entitled “The Primal Scream”. 276 pages. Hardcover. ISBN 0-385-15791-6.
Making of Music
By Hestia Abeyesekera

A 10-unit series of lessons to introduce the keyboard and playing the piano. A two-volume set with “Child's Book” to enable the child to sensorially participate in each lesson. The “Teacher's Manual” describes the adult's function and instructional approach to each lesson.
Child's Book ($18.00)
Teacher's Manual ($18.00)
NON-MEMBER RATE Titles - 11-18
MEMBER RATE Titles - 11-18