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IMS Danbury Workshop Audio April 29-30, 2006

Complete set — Audio recording plus Study Guide
Audio Recording
(4 cd set, 4 ½ hrs.)
featuring Lee Havis, IMS executive director, presenting technology of Montessori teaching: 10 techniques, 20 protocols, 3 lesson presentations, safe words.
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(30 pages)
Summary of technology, definition of terms, description of techniques, outline for making notes while listening to recording.

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The Montessori Method
by Maria Montessori

Dr. Montessori's first major publication describing her original observation and approach with children. First English edition published in 1912. The current publication is unaltered from the original edition. 376 pages Schocken Books
ISBN 0-8052-0922-0


The Absorbent Mind
by Maria Montessori

Based on lectures given by Dr. Montessori during courses she gave in Indian in the 1940's.Includes many aspects of the physical and psychological growth of young children.It includes some important details about normalization and the function of the teacher.First published in 1949. 270 pages. Clio Press.
ISBN 1-85109-087-8

The Discovery of the Child
by Maria Montessori

This is an 1948 revised and updated version of the original Montessori Method.Dr. Montessori adds the perspective of some 40 years of practice with her ideas, to highlight some important practical considerations of her approach with children.339 pages.
Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-33656-9

Secret of Childhood
by Maria Montessori

This is a very readable and insightful presentation of Dr.Montessori's work, research and conclusions about her approach. It focuses considerable attention to issues of child psychology and basic obstacles to normal development in children.216 pages.
Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-30583-3.

Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook
by Maria Montessori

Originally published in 1914, this publication sets forth the physical appearance, use and presentation of many of the self-teaching learning materials Dr. Montessori provided with children for their normal development. Included are pictures of materials and children working with them.189 pages.Schocken Books, ISBN0-8052-0921-2.
The Child in the Family
By Maria Montessori
In this book, Dr. Montessori offers advice to parents and educators on the natural and wise upbringing of children. 75 pages. Clio Press, ISBN1-85109-113-0
Education and Peace
by Maria Montessori

This is a series of lectures given by Dr. Montessori in the 1930's, to government and education bodies.The issue of peace was prominent at this time in Europe in view of the impending and developing conditions of war at that time.119 pages.Clio Press ISBN 1-85109-168-8
The Formation of Man
by Maria Montessori
This was first published in 1955, as among the last books written by Dr. Montessori. It reflects on her experiences of over 40 years, giving particular attention to examining the various personality flaws and prejudices that deter the emergence of her ‘new education'. 99 pages. Clio Press. ISBN 1-85109-097-5
The Advanced Montessori Method, Vol. I — Spontaneous Activity in Education
by Maria Montessori
This book gives particular attention to how children learn and development in such aarea as imagination, intelligence, attention and will. 287 pages. Clio Press. ISBN 1-85109-114-9
To Educate the Human Potential
by Maria Montessori
First published in 1948, this book presents the idea of cosmic education, which is the total interrelated functioning of the whole. It indicates how this idea relates to the education of 6-12 year old children. 85 pages. Clio Press. ISBN 1-85109-094-0.
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