Children working with sensorial materials at the Apple Montessori School (New Jersey)

Applying the “Present Moment” Protocol
Problem: Yesterday a child grabbed something from another child and ran - I mean, she really ran. We were outside. What to do?

Solution: The “present moment” protocol points you past the blame and guilt you feel about something that happened in the past (the grabbing is now in the past). more



Child working with tower of cubes (‘Pink” tower) at the Early Years Montessori School (Falls Church, Virginia)

Early Years Montessori in Falls Church, Virginia
The Early Years Montessori School was first established in northern Virginia near Washington, DC in 1986. Since then, Jay Bogollagama, its founder, has operated the school in different locations in that area. At present, the school is located in Falls Church, VA. Jay began Montessori teaching in her native Sri Lanka. In 1981, she moved to the United States, where she served as a head teacher until she established her own school soon more





IMS Distance Learning Course Revision Complete
On February 12, 2015, Lee Havis, met in Annapolis, Maryland with representatives of the Maryland General Assembly to discuss the passage of a resolution to apply for a convention of the states (COS) under Article V of the US Constitution. The purpose of such a convention is to propose amendments to the Constitution to restrain excessive government control and repression of fundamental freedoms of individuals and more

Child working with spindle box Math material at the children’s House Creative Montessori School (Mundelein, Illinois)

Children’s House Creative Montessori Mundelein, Illinois
Children’s House Creative Montessori in 2003 in Mundelein, Illinois. He credits long-time Illinois Montessori educator, Irene Voros, as his primary
inspiration, support and advisor in this undertaking.
Edward’s background in education began in Kherson, Ukraine where he was born in 1969. His initial background in the field of electronics led him to pursue this career for a short while after graduating in 1988 from the Ukrainian Technical more







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