Children workingogether on geometry board shape matching at the Rhymes and Rhythms International Montessori School in Myanmar

Rhymes and Rhythms School in Myanmar

In 2014, Ly Mon, established the Rhymes and Rhythms International Montessori Preschool in her native country of Myanmar in Southeast Asia. She is proud to report that this is the first authentic Montessori school started in her country in this modern era.

Ly’s school began with her interest in teaching in 2002 when she attended the London Metropolitian Unviersity, in London, UK. Studying in this new culture, she became keenly aware of the rigid system of education in her own country, as it was focused almost entirely of memorizing information without any real understanding of the subject matter more

Evelyn Onyeka, organizer, IMS New Education Network in Nigeria

IMS New Education Network in Nigeria

Evelyn Onyeka, Nigerian educator, writes about how she created an IMS network in Nigeria to expand awareness of the “new education”, and introduce the unique IMS approach and technology of ‘true natural’ Montessori teaching.

By Evelyn Onyeka

I recently stumbled on to the founder of the International Montessori Society (IMS) Lee Havis, on Facebook through some mutual friend while searching for foreign partnership to conduct a training workshop on the Montessori method of more

Child working with the geometric solids, matching each three-dimensional object with its name - Cypresswood Montessor School Spring, TX

Cypresswood Montessori School in Spring, Texas

The Cypresswood Montessori School in Spring, Texas, was established in January 2003 by its founder, Sahera Nasser, who now serves as its main director. An active early childhood educator for 30 years, Sahera began her interest in Montessori teaching with the birth of her youngest son. At that time, she acquired training in Montessori education in England and taught there for several years...Read more

Government and Education

Analyzing result of recent political action

By Lee Havis

In today’s modern society, IMS and “true natural” Montessori teaching are in fundament conflict with government in its support of conventional education. This conflict arises because of the government’s monopoly control and operation of a vast system of public and approved private schools that all parents are forced to support and send their children to under the threat of punishment for violating compulsory attendance more


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