Children working together at the Flo-Mont Montessori School in Bangalore, India

FloMont School in Bangalore, India

The FloMont School, located in the heart of Bangalore, the “Garden City” of India, was established in 2015 to serve children in the age group 2.5 to 9 years of age. Shahista Ismail founded this school to meet a need for quality Montessori education in this thriving metropolitan center of computer technology in the southern region of India.

Born in Chennai, India, and brought up in the Middle East (Oman), Shahista comes from a family of educators where she developed her interest in early education at a very young age. With the FloMont School, she hopes to provide a model of quality that will overcome misconceptions about Montessori education and inspire the parents and others in the community about the benefit of this “new education”. She states, “There is a lot of misconception about the methodology… Therefore, a large part of our mission is to educate our parents and bring about a change in their mindsets regarding the importance of experiential learning. Many parents…are now realizing and appreciating the genius of Montessori.” more

Participants at one of the meetings conducted by Evelyn Onyeka (center, red shirt), to inform about the "new education" and the unique IMS technology of Montessori teaching.

IMS Network in Nigeria

Evelyn Onyeka, Nigeria educator, has conducted outreach for IMS and the "new education" in her country. For this purpose, she created a “Whatsapp” platform that has allowed hundreds of educators in her country to become aware of this "new education" and the unique IMS technology. On hte platform, parents and teachers can ask questions and learn about Montessori teaching and IMS technology.

In 2018, Evelyn Onyeka began informing Nigerian educators about IMS and the work of creating the ‘new education’. Besides her Whatsapp group platform, “new education – Nigeria,” she has recently been conducting a series of meetings to bring this IMS vision more directly to interested persons. At the meeting, Evelyn uses the Danbury audio cd and study guide to demonstrate and explain how the IMS technology helps Montessori teaching with children. She also states that, “I show how to use IMS technology to control the environment, not the child, to bring about the child’s true nature in a reliable, objective manner.” In April, 2019, these meetings were conducted in the diverse locations of Asaba, Warri, and Owerri. Read more

Children working on Cultural subject matter at the Courthouse Montessori School in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Courtland Montessori School in Virginia

Judyth Timm founded Courthouse Montessori School in Virginia Beach, VA in the fall of 1994. A graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College, she sought to establish this school according to the Montessori philosophy as the best for children learning after having researched several other philosophies of education.

The school itself emerged while Judy was completing her master’s in education at Hampton University. At that time, an opportunity developed that would make Judy’s secret dream of having her own school a true reality. In a rapid succession of events, she received the keys to the school building on July 18, 1994, and then, just six weeks later, she opened the doors to her first ten students...Read more

Character Teaching in Central America

Lee Havis and Felix Ulloa vice-president elect of El Salvador - meetng held on April 13, 2019 in Maryland, USA.

By Lee Havis

The IMS “Character Teaching” (CT) project arose in 2000 as an innovative practical means for Montessori teaching with children to overcome cultural poverty in those regions of the world where this condition is most severe. The key goal is to overcome this condition by bringing about a fundamental shift in the character development of poor children, leading to a better and more successful society for all. In 2004, I sought funding to conduct this project through grants from the US Department of Labor for the purpose of eradicating child labor through education in various poor regions of the more


Accountability in Education

Meeting of Senate Committee in the Maryland General Assembly hearing the bill for accountability in education. Annapolis, Maryland April 2019

by Lee Havis

Today, taxpayer funded public education has grown into a large, corrupt business that serves many special interests that have nothing to do with good quality education for the students attending. In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan has been seeking to provide some public accountability for this wasteful and destructive use of public funds, especially in response to a growing number of citizen complaints in this area. more

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