Group lesson with children at the Flintridge Montessori School in La Canada, California.

Flintridge Montessori School

The Flintridge Montessori Preschool and Elementary in La Canada, California was established in 2000 by a group of women who recognized the need for Montessori education in their local community. One of these women, Rohini David, now leads the school’s operation as partner and site more



Donna Curtis (IMS ‘06)

Donna’s Montessori Ministry
In Petaluma, California, Donna Curtis (IMS ‘06) has established an in-home Montessori school which she views as a “ministry”. Donna set up her Montessori Ministry because the normal business model involved too many regulatory obstacles from government. She says, “I am blessed in that I don’t need to earn money,so I call myself a ministry and do not charge tuition or have any fees. I serve ten families presently with several on a wait list.” more





Children working with sensorial materials at the Apple Montessori School (New Jersey)

Apple Montesosri School Family in New Jersey
In 1972, Jane and Rex Bailey
opened the first Apple Montessori
School to provide their own young
children as well as families in the local
community with the highest quality
of education and care possible.
Forty years and 15 schools later, the
Bailey family daughters carry on the
tradition of delivering this same quality
child-centered Montessori program to
families throughout metropolitan New
Jersey. more


Pictured here, Brienne is an upper elementary student who is very motivated and enthusiastic about learning. Following up a group lesson on the study of cells, she is shown here using a compound digital microscope to view various cells, including, an adipose pig cell, a stem-cork cell, a typical animal cell, and a typical plant cell. Using the computer she selected interesting segments of the cells and made picture from the microscope. Being creative, Brienne chose to make a collage of the images and include it in her interactive notebook. Folsom Montessori Learning Center (Folsom, Louisiana)

Folsom Montessori Learning Center
Dianne Arndt, founder and director of the Folsom Montessori Learning Center
(Folsom, Louisiana) traces her interest in Montessori teaching to an experience she had in a tradition school, where she witnessed the intimidating punishment of a six year old child for failure to complete her classwork assignment. Following that experience, she began researching alternative methods of education, and found the work of Dr. Montessori, which she began to seriously study on her own. more






Lee Havis, second from right, greets a delegation of educators and agricultural researchers from Nepal in the IMS office in Silver Spring, MD on October 19, 2015. Far right is Uzzawal Baruwal holding co-signed letter of agreement to serve as newest member of the Nepal consultation board for the project “Character Teaching”.

New Hope in Nepal
On October 19, 2015, a delegation of education-minded businessmen from Nepal met with Lee Havis, IMS executive director, in Silver Spring, Maryland. The purpose was to discuss the possibility of initiating the IMS “Character Teaching” (CT) project in Nepal. Uzzawal Baruwal, a leading member of the delegation, sought this meeting to learn more about the CT project which has been under consideration in Nepal for several years. He sees this project as a “New hope to do something for Montessori teaching in Nepal” more






Lower elementary (6-9) children at the Montessori School of Rome, Georgia, dressed in their historical timeline character’s clothing. They chose an historical character to research, write a report, prepare a speech, and present it to parrents, students, and a local nursing home.

Montessori School of Rome, Georgia
In 1980, Swarna Kumar, a native of Sri Lanka, came to Rome, Georgia to eventually establish a school there, now known as Montessori School or Rome, Georgia. Starting with a single class of children at the primary (2- 6) level, she soon added two toddler classes at the request of her parents. more



Professor Studying Montessori In Augusta

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