Teacher with children at the Tulupians Preschool Academy in Kolkata, India

Tulipians Preschool Academy in Kolkata, India
Nirmal Verma and wife Roopee, established the Tulipians Preschool Academy in Kolkata, India in December, 2013. In starting this school, their vision was to meet a need to provide a good education
for children having learning disorders and problems like ADHD, autism, Downs Syndrome and the whole range of slow learning patterns. Mr. Verma says that “Parents of these children are usually lost and not sure what the future holds for their little ones who they doubt will ever be able to go to a normal school or even acquire education at all.” more

Erdkinder (teenagers) students conducting a group science project at the Whetstone Academy in Mountain Rest, South Carolina

Whetstone Academy in Mountain Rest, South Carolina
Whetstone Academy, founded in 2011, is a full therapeutic Montessori environment for boys between the ages of 10 and 15. Tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Chattooga River, this “Erdkinder” type Montessori school is located on 57 acres of mountain landscape set aside for farming, gardening and many forms of outdoor recreation. The school also includes a 2.6 acre pond with a dock for fishing, swimming and canoeing. 3,000 feet of its property borders the Sumter National Forest, one of the most beautiful and natural forest areas remaining in the more

At meeting on February 12, 2015 in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss Article V convention of the states with officials and represnetatives of the Maryland General Assembly. Pictured here are, left to right, Aaron Jones (staff, Sen. Justin Ready), Susan Krebs (Delegate, District 5), Clayton Fishcher (staff, Del. Haven Shoemaker), and Rita Dunaway (liason, Article V national project).

Article V Convention of the States
On February 12, 2015, Lee Havis, met in Annapolis, Maryland with representatives of the Maryland General Assembly to discuss the passage of a resolution to apply for a convention of the states (COS) under Article V of the US Constitution. The purpose of such a convention is to propose amendments to the Constitution to restrain excessive government control and repression of fundamental freedoms of individuals and more


Children working with broad stairs at the Brophy Home, Isaiah Montessori School (Lynchburg, Virginia)

Applying IMS Technology in Home-School
In my Montessori home school, I have accomplished much inner preparation in becoming skillful as a Montessori Directress. For example, I have learned that during the moments of a child’s misbehavior I become and feel reactive, which I trace back to my early childhood years when I experienced the behavior of my father’s reactivity and my reaction to it. Using the IMS techniques and protocols have empowered me to be able to control this ingrained reactivity as misbehavior scenarios arise amongst children and myself within my home/ school. more


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