Montessori Harbor Mesa School in California

In 1970, Guiliana De Frenza founded the Montessori Harbor Mesa School in Costa Mesa, CA as the culmination of a life-long interest in education that began in her childhood while growing up in Taranto, Italy. At the age of six, she says, “While seated in the first row of my Catholic School class, I witnessed my teacher inflicting a few slaps on the palms of one of my peers who did not properly answer her more




Growing Hearts Montessori School

In Jefferson City, Missouri, the Growing Hearts Montessori School began in 2015 as the hopeful vision of its founders, Jason and Diyanira Richards, struggling at that time to find a suitable school for their own young child. Finding none, they pooled their resources and knowledge to start Growing Hearts in a little three room school that could hold only around 16 students. In that location, they created an atmosphere they wanted for their own child and said, “Let’s see if other people like it too.” more

Reflections from IMS Distance Learning Course

My Montessori journey began as a conventionally trained teacher, searching to apply Montessori teaching from my own personal study of books and observing others in the field. Even with my newly acquired enlightened ideas, however, my egoic personality would “pop up” in my daily dealings with children. Facial expressions, voice, tones, impulsive interfering actions, and negative thoughts, impeded my process of implementing my new beliefs concerning the true nature of children...Read more


Book Review - by Lee Havis

Bringing Montessori To America

In “Bringing Montessori to America”, Gerald and Patricia Gutek describe the struggles of those early pioneers who first introduced Dr. Montessori’s revolutionary ‘new education’ to America in the early 1900’s. The story begins with a few key figures, such as the innovative American teacher, Anne George, who traveled to Italy in 1909, to personally observe and study the “new” children she heard about from a friend in Italy at that more

Lee Havis (left) with State Senator Edward Riley (right) at his visit to Annapolis, state
capital of Maryland, to testify on legislation relating to the “Montessori Certificate”.

Recognizing the “Montessori Certificate” in Maryland

Ever since Montessori education entered into the popular culture, government and private business interests have sought to monopolize and control the hiring of teachers based on such means as recognizing a particular brand of “Montessori certificate”. In the State of Maryland, for example, this issue arose when legislation (HB 1002) was recently proposed to do just more



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