Lee Havis and Roberto

Panama After 50 years

From June 29 – July 1, 2013, Lee Havis visited Panama to attend a 50th year reunion of Peace Corps volunteers in that country. For Lee, this was the first time he returned to Panama after serving there as a volunteer from 1966-68. In the Peace Corps, Lee served as assistant professor in the faculty of engineering of the University of Panama in Panama more


Children working at International Montessori Academy in Sycamore, Illinois (In foreground, child is engaged in math activity, matching counters with numerals)

Montessori Academy in Sycamore, Illinois
In June, 2008, Kim Staffey purchased a school with 15 students, and in just a few short years, built it up to its present enrollment of around 70. The school, International Montessori Academy (IMA), now serves children aged 3 to eighth grade, with plans for an additional separate location for infants and toddlers. Kim says she took on this project because of her love for the Montessori philosophy which she acquired from prior operation of a home daycare and her own personal Montessori teaching experiences with children. more

Bullying and Making Friends
Bullying is a common concern of many who, too often, focus on treating its symptoms, rather than the cause. Montessori teaching, however, treats the cause of the problem in the environment, pointing especially to the controlling, aggressive, or negligent behavior of the supervising adult. By removing these detrimental influences, bullying behavior disappears to reveal the children’s true natural kindness and respectful attitude towards themselves and more

Carol Bubani and Lee Havis at the Lincoln Day
Dinner in Bowie, Maryland - October 9, 2013

Allen West Speaks for Liberty in Maryland
On October 9, 2013, Allen West, former US congressman from Florida and retired Lt. Col. in the US Army, spoke about the value of freedom to some 200 political activists in Bowie, MD. He said that even where government is unfriendly to individual liberty, such as in the state of Maryland, we must stand and fight against this more





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