Rhymes and Rhythms School In Myanmar

In 2014, Ly Mon, established the Rhymes and Rhythms International Montessori Preschool in her native country of Myanmar in Southeast Asia. She is proud to report that this is the first authentic Montessori school started in her country in this modern era.

Ly’s school began with her interest in teaching in 2002 when she attended the London Metropolitian Unviersity, in London, UK. Studying in this new culture, she became keenly aware of the rigid system of education in her own country, as it was focused almost entirely of memorizing information without any real understanding of the subject matter content. Sensing this difference, she decided to change her career to study Early Childhood education, which included formal training, seminars and conferences for Montessori Philosophy and Child Psychology.

Returning to her native Myanmar, she set in motion her dream of introducing Montessori education there by starting a preschool for children. Now, as director, she is launched on a mission as a “life-long learner to explore and discover new approaches to education.”

Ly reports that beginning to enroll students was a challenge to bring understanding to the community of local families and foreigners she seeks to serve, since the majority were not aware of Montessori education. She has been overcoming this obstacle by organizing a number of workshops, conferences, and sharing articles and videos through her website: http://www.rnrschool.com/

At the beginning of each school year, she conducts a special Meet and Greet event. And, throughout the school years, she offers parent education workshops and conferences to help parents learn more about the Montessori curriculum. In addition, parents are encouraged to obsterve classroom activity, and to engage in planning cultural celebrations, special days and field trips.

About her experience with this school, Ly says, “I greatly enjoy learning about how childrens’ minds work, and then, applying this, practically, to my observation throughout the year….I continue with one goal: to motivate and support those educators and parrents who are keen to work with young children and to offer the best services I can to young children.”

For more information, contact: Ly Mon, Director, Rhymes and Rhythms International Montessori Preschool, 44 Inya Myaing street, Golden Valley Bagan township Yangon 11201 Myanmar Website: http://www.rnrschool.com/ email: rnrpreschool@gmail.com Telephone: 00 978 5417355, 00 959 43108839