Reflections from IMS Distance Learning Course

By Patty Brophy

My Montessori journey began as a conventionally trained teacher, searching to apply Montessori teaching from my own personal study of books and observing others in the field. Even with my newly acquired enlightened ideas, however, my egoic personality would “pop up” in my daily dealings with children. Facial expressions, voice, tones, impulsive interfering actions, and negative thoughts, impeded my process of implementing my new beliefs concerning the true nature of children. “How do I do it?”, I would ask myself. “What model do I follow?” My search continued.

Then, lo and behold, I attended an IMS workshop conducted by Lee Havis and found a technology with specific techniques and protocols to control my adult personality as I worked with children. I realized that if I followed this technology, my personality could be controlled so as not to interfere with the natural development of children. Soon, I enrolled into the IMS distance learning course to continue my study.

The IMS course has definitely challenged and changed my conventional, pre-programmed beliefs of the true nature of children. Before taking the course, my dealings with children were guided by a core belief that children are born “bad”, so I followed the idea that “sin needs to be punished” and “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. Now I see that children are born good, and that it is the negative influence of environment, including parents, society, culture, and the physical world that shapes their personality to diverge from true natural goodness. I can also see that the external world of surrounding conventional society is not all that exists, that there is another “inner” world that is the child’s true self, which is guided by a perfect inner teacher of nature.

Looking at children in this new way has taught me to honor and serve this inner teacher and allow it to emerge in outward form and action. And, if I make mistakes, I can use the technique IP (Imagination-Previsioning), for example, to quietly examine how to correct them and prevent myself from making them in the future.

Combining the use of all the various techniques and protocols has proven to create a calm, friendly harmoniously balanced environment that allows children to unfold their true natural development. These tools of IMS technology help the adult to control his personality, which is a cultural collective consciousness of centuries of fears and erroneous perceptions about the child. Using the technology, you can keep from projecting these defects on the child’s psyche. As we employ these tools, children come to operate from the natural direction of their own inner wisdom.

I see in my daily work with the children how the Montessori environment not only provides a place for the child’s true nature to fully develop, but it is also a space of restoration for the soul of the child and adult as well. As we are co-laborers and co-creators with the child, the true work of creating this “new education” in the world takes place within our souls.


By Maria Escobar

In the IMS distance learning course, I have learned that observation is really what Montessori teaching is all about. Before taking this course, I never thought observation was a big part in working with children. So I would walk around asking questions, not knowing I was being a distraction for them. Most of the time I would think “control the child”, and direct the children to do work that I wanted them to do. Now, I think control the environment, not the child, so that I am supervising children by standing quietly and scanning around the total environment from a position outside their activity area.

I also learned that Montessori teaching is not just standing and reporting facts, but rather seeing to the depth of truth, which is the emerging true nature of children. Now I know that Montessori teaching is a process of unfolding awareness which is more about correcting errors that we make. And I can effectively do this by a processof removing the obstacles to seeing the total completion of the children’s true nature.

After taking this course, I began seeing all my defects and bad habits, which I have learned to resolve by distinguishing my personality projections from the hub child in question. For this, I can now use specific self-awareness exercises, for example, looking away from the misbehavior to a meaningless object, feel the space around that object, and then hold that feeling as I return my attention to the misbehavior situation at hand. In this way, I can see my mistakes clearly enough to identify and remove them. Now, I see my mistakes as detrimental influences of my personality, which I can remove in a scientific way by using the IMS technology.

Wow! I’m so glad for how much I have learned. I’m so happy. Every day I’m practicing everything I have learned. Thank you.