Montessori Harbor Mesa School in California

In 1970, Guiliana De Frenza founded the Montessori Harbor Mesa School in Costa Mesa, CA as the culmination of a life-long interest in education that began in her childhood while growing up in Taranto, Italy. At the age of six, she says, “While seated in the first row of my Catholic School class, I witnessed my teacher inflicting a few slaps on the palms of one of my peers who did not properly answer her questions. I vividly remember telling myself when I saw that sight that ‘I will become a teacher, a good teacher and not a mean and bad teacher like her!’”

Years later, as a young adult, Guiliana studied to receive a degree in the Montessori Method in 1957, which sparked an interest in education that has never left her. She says, “I taught in Taranto, Italy for a couple of years and then my destiny and love for my husband of sixty years now, brought me to Costa Mesa, California.”

Now, she feels very lucky to have been able to continue to dedicate herself to teaching children for many years. At present, she serves as the principal of her Montessori Harbor Mesa School, which has both a primary (2-6) and elementary (6-12) program, providing learning opportunities from practical life exercises, to music, arts and crafts and even the performing arts. Guiliana is especially proud of her teachers for their loving, caring, and soft spoken manner in support of the children’s natural development, both socially and academically.

Guiliana also points to the unfolding of her student body from one generation to the next. She says, “It’s very gratifying to enroll children whose parents are alumni of our school from many years ago. These parents are inspired by the loving and happy memories of their years at our school. How very different from what I remember and witnessed as a little girl!”

For further information, contact: Guiliana De Frenza, Montessori Harbor Mesa School,3025 Deodar Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626,Tel. 714-549-3803.