IMS New Education Network in Nigeria

Evelyn Onyeka, Nigerian educator, writes about how she created an IMS network in Nigeria to expand awareness of the “new education”, and introduce the unique IMS approach and technology of ‘true natural’ Montessori teaching.

By Evelyn Onyeka

I recently stumbled on to the founder of the International Montessori Society (IMS) Lee Havis, on Facebook through some mutual friend while searching for foreign partnership to conduct a training workshop on the Montessori method of education. Until then, my journey with Montessori had been based on research I was pursuing while studying Child Psychology for a postgraduate degree at the University of Nigeria Nsukka campus.

After discussing with Lee, I decided to volunteer for IMS to create awareness for the ‘new education’ in our country. Considering the vast usage of Mobile phones in Nigeria, I thought it would be easy to contact many people on social media by creating a WhatsApp group platform, which I named “IMS New Education Nigeria.” So far, this network has reached many educators in Nigeria, creating awareness of IMS and its scientific techniques that show how to bring about true natural development in the child.

The IMS New Education Nigeria is now helping many acquire a better understanding of Montessori teaching, and broadening the horizon of those experts in the field now trained outside the IMS organization. In the network platform, educators are engaging with me in a dialogue-type conversation, asking frequent questions with Lee giving a quick response to each one in short audio clips. Between the month of June and July, we have grown considerably in the number of members on this network “chat’ which has been well received by many. Because of this, we hope for more positive growth to eventually schedule an IMS training workshop training with Lee in the near future as well.