IMS Network in Nigeria

Evelyn speaking to educators at one of her meetings around her region of Nigeria.

Evelyn uses the IMS Danbury Audio cd study guide as the basis for presenting the IMS technology.

Evelyn Onyeka, Nigeria educator, has been active informing parents and teachers in her region about IMS and the "new education". She created a “Whatsapp” platform for this purpose, which has brought hundreds of educators in her country into a discussion on the subject, to ask questions and learn about Montessori teaching and IMS technology.

In 2018, Evelyn Onyeka began informing Nigerian educators about IMS and the work of creating the ‘new education’. Besides her Whatsapp group platform, “new education – Nigeria,” she has recently been conducting a series of meetings to bring this IMS vision more directly to interested persons in her country and rregion of West Africa. At the meeting, Evelyn uses the Danbury audio cd and study guide to demonstrate and explain how the IMS technology helps Montessori teaching with children. She also states that, “I show how to use IMS technology to control the environment, not the child, to bring about the child’s true nature in a reliable, objective manner.” In April, 2019, she conducted these meetings in the diverse locations of Asaba, Warri, and Owerri.

Evelyn is also an active participant in the 6,000+ member IMS facebook discussion group, “Montessori Tools and Tips.” On this platform, she has posted many items about the IMS technology and her work in Nigeria for the “new education”. A primary goal of her effort is to establish a sufficient basis of interest for scheduling an IMS workshop, “Creating the New Education”, in Nigeria. At this workshop, Lee Havis, IMS founder and creator of the IMS technology, would present this unique knowledge.

For further information, contact: Evelyn Onyeka,; phone: 234- 086-413-7659; 234-802-382-0002.