Growing Hearts Montessori School

In Jefferson City, Missouri, the Growing Hearts Montessori School began in 2015 as the hopeful vision of its founders, Jason and Diyanira Richards, struggling at that time to find a suitable school for their own young child. Finding none, they pooled their resources and knowledge to start Growing Hearts in a little three room school that could hold only around 16 students. In that location, they created an atmosphere they wanted for their own child and said, “Let’s see if other people like it too.”

Now, in 2018, Jason says, “Almost three years later, and an expansion to our newly renovated facility, we are happy to accommodate over 60 wonderful students. And, starting next April, we are also proud to offer the only infant Montessori program in Jefferson City.”

Jason credits his wife, Diyanira, for the school’s incredible growth and success. Born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Cierra, Bolivia, Diyanira has over 10 years of experience in Montessori teaching, which she contributes to Growing Hearts with great passion, love, and energy. Under her direction, the school conducts its Montessori program which also celebrates Diyanira’s native Spanish language as well. At Growing Hearts, Spanish is made a part of daily life, rather than just a day’s formal academic lesson. The Richards plan to continue offering their Growing Hearts school program for families in Jefferson City for many years to come.


For further information, contact: Jason Richards, Director, Growing Hearts Montessori School, 601 Scott Station Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65109, Tel. 573-298-3229,