Folsom Montessori Learning Center

Dianne Arndt, founder and director of the Folsom Montessori Learning Center (Folsom, Louisiana) traces her interest in Montessori teaching to an experience she had in a tradition school, where she witnessed the intimidating punishment of a six year old child for failure to complete her classwork assignment. Following that experience, she began researching alternative methods of education, and found the work of Dr. Montessori, which she began to seriously study on her own.

In 2005, Dianne opened a preschool program, which she called Folsom Montessori School. Later, in June of 2014, at the request of the community, she changed the name to “Learning Center” and expanded her program to include elementary classes for homeschool students as well. Now in the second year of offering this elementary (6-12) program, Dianne has seen amazing positive results, stating, “Our students are motivated and have developed a love of learning.”

The Center’s normal day for elementary children begins with a large group lesson. Dianne says, however, that “Every day is a little different which makes it intriguing to the students. We offer extra activities such as 4-H, art, Spanish, study skills, and Lego tech. These activities allow the students to express their individuality and creativity.”

Dianne reports that the students have been happy and engaged on various projects relating to cultural arts scrapbooks, stamp collections, and passports. In addition, she says they have been creating masks in art, building a hot house during gardening, and performing science experiences.

Throughout the day the students join small groups for cooperative work and have the freedom to choose a small-group lesson or concentrate on individual work. Dianne says, “Our program offers the opportunity for students to learn in a stress-free environment where they work as happy, creative, and enthusiastic students engaged in activities that promote learning. Our success is accredited to the children’s ability to reach far beyond their personal goals.”

For further information, contact: Dianne Arndt, Director, Folsom Montessori Learn-ing Center, 14057 Hwy 1077, Folsom, LA 70437. Diane Arndt , Director Telephone: 985-630-9558; 985-260-5882 Website: