Courthouse Montessori School in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Elementary children learning together in cultural subject matter at the Courthouse Montessori School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Judyth Timm founded Courthouse Montessori School in Virginia Beach, VA in the fall of 1994. A graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College, she sought to establish this school according to the Montessori philosophy as the best for children learning after having researched several other philosophies of education.

The school itself emerged while Judy was completing her master’s in education at Hampton University. At that time, an opportunity developed that would make Judy’s secret dream
of having her own school a true reality. In a rapid succession of events, she received the keys to the school building on July 18, 1994, and then, just six weeks later, she opened the doors to
her first ten students.

After more than twenty-four years, the school (CMS) has grown to hold more than 150 students per year. Today, CMS continues to grow and nurture children in Virginia Beach based on the fundamental principles of faith, love and hope in the Montessori philosophy that so inspired Judy when she first opened the
school. Katrina Davis, the school’s director states that, “It is an honor and a privilege to teach and nurture our CMS students as they grow and blossom into the next generation of our great nation.”

Katrina also points out how the staff strives to create a supportive, nurturing partnership with parents, which contributes
so tangibly to each child’s academic and personal growth. She adds, “We believe the initials of our school, CMS, reflect basic concepts of the Montessori philosophy: Concentration, motivation,and Success.”

CMS serves a wide variety of families that come from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are welcome to share their experiences
and beliefs so everyone can continue to grow together. Katrina says, “Our mission here at Courthouse Montessori School is to inspire a passion for excellence; to nurture curiosity, creativity,
and imagination; and to awaken the human spirit in our children. This is evident with even a short tour around the building to observe the children engaged in varying lessons.”

For more information, contact Katrina Davis, Director, Courthouse Montessori School, 1305 Windmill Pt. Crescent, Virginia Beach,
VA 23453. Telephone: 757-468-0099 email: