Cheryl McGowen’s Story

Cheryl McGowen recently completed the IMS distance learning course for Montessori teaching. She reflects here on that experience and the impact of this training on her work with children.

I have been working at a Montessori school for over 20 years. I absolutely love the Montessori method. I took the (IMS) course because I was having problems with implementing lessons and dealing with disruptive behavior in the environment. I have noticed a change in myself and the classroom since I have been using the technology from the course.

I am able to observe the environment and use the tools I have learned when needed, such as approaching a child for a lesson when he/she is interested and handling situations where there may be chaos in the room. The techniques, protocols and safe words are easy to apply and I love that their focus is on the child and the work not so much the adult. It works!

The children flourish in the classroom and have such independence as they work on their projects. I am much more confident implementing lessons now. I keep all of the material I received from the course in a binder and look back on it repeatedly for guidance. I am very happy that I took the course from Lee and will keep all the readings and material I received for future reference.

Cheryl McGowen (IMS ’16) IMS course graduate Morgan Hill CA.