CT Project in Namibia Rising

In summer, 2016, Lee Havis designated Menfret Melk, a citizen of Namibia, West Africa, as first member of the consultation board of the “Character Teaching”(CT) project in that country. In this role, Menfret will contact high level government officials to obtain their support for this project that aims to eradicate poverty by using the IMS technology in various situations with the poor children and families involved. The CT consultation board also aims to raise funds for the project’s first step, which is an initial consultation visit.

When 26-year-old Menfret contacted IMS to offer his volunteer services, he stated, “It has always been my dream to help eradicate poverty in Namibia. Since finding out about the CT project, I feel this is a remarkable opportunity for me.”

Menfret’s background includes a degree in Economics from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (2015). Besides his regular employment at the First National Bank of Namibia, Menfret does considerable volunteer work with children, including tutoring and textbook curriculum development in mathematics and statistics for high school students. In 2015, he helped to organize a leadership summit event hosted by Dr. John Maxwell, bestselling author and expert in the field of leadership.

Lee believes that Menfret is well-suited by character and interest to help launch the CT project in Namibia. He says, “Menfret sees himself as very hardworking and self driven. In addition, he believes in the power of taking a personal responsibility to make life better for others, and never giving up until they discover their potential. This type of determination, character, and faith is vital to achieving success in our fight to overcome long-standing poverty which is so widely felt in many cultures around the world.”

An active member of the leading political party in Namibia, Menfret has already received favorable response for the project from his party’s leadership and, with that support, he has spoken with the Director of Education in his region of Erongo which represents his coastal city, Swakopmund. His plan now is to travel to Windhoek to present the CT Project to the country’s Minister of Education as well.