Character Teaching

Character Teaching in Nigeria, West Africa
On April 18, 2008, Kunle Rotimi, CT board member in Nigeria, met with Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Her Excellency Mrs. Sarah Sosan and other senior officials of the Lagos State Education Ministry, to present and discuss the project’s basic concept and approach.

Kunle later reported the favorable results of this meeting, indicating that government officials were looking forward to the project’s operation in their jurisdiction. He added that the Lagos Ministry may be able to assist public school teachers to attend the training workshop which is a key component of the project’s initial consultation visit.

Lee Havis, CT executive director, indicates that his initial consultation visit would also include personal meetings with local government officials and other interested persons to plan for the project’s full-scale operation. Lee says that this plan includes operating a model school for young children and conducting daily informal tutoring for poor working children as well.