Consultation Services

The International Montessori Society provides consultation services to schools, organizations and other interested persons to improve and develop the operation and availability of Montessori education throughout the world. Lee Havis , IMS executive director, personally conducts all IMS consultation, which usually includes one or more on-site visits, with advance planning and agreement as to details of format, focus of attention and scheduling of time. Since 1979, Havis has supervised the operation of all IMS programs and activities, including Montessori teacher education, which is conducted through such means as workshop seminars and correspondence course training.

For operating schools, IMS consultation usually includes on-site observation of classroom operation, meeting with staff and other personnel, and a follow-up written report based on such observation. This consultation aims generally to develop and improve Montessori teaching skills of staff, offer guidance in daily program scheduling, improve use of physical space and offer advice about other necessary details of school operation. It can also be used to improve parent education, start new programs, overcome detrimental government regulations and convert conventional programs into effective operating Montessori schools.

IMS school consultation may include direct observation and evaluation of teachers with children. Pertinent aspects of such classroom observation generally include: use of specific techniques, analyzing and managing misbehavior scenarios, lesson presentation protocols and teacher's use of language with children. Havis will summarize main issues from this observation in written comments, to assist in follow up correction and control of errors in the future. All guidance and commentary holds to Montessori teaching as a commitment to laws of nature, noting such key guiding Montessori principles as (1) Observation (2) Individual Liberty and (3) Preparation of the environment.

Further follow-up consultation may be arranged to enhance and extend the recommendations for change and correction provided at the first consultation meeting. A minimum two-day consultation visit is recommended as optimum for most situations. A two-day “Creating the New Education” workshop may be provided as part of any consultation.

Scheduling and Format:

Scheduling and format for any single or series of on-site visit is determined by mutual agreement between IMS and the school, individual or organization prior to such visit. The accompanying application form provides essential information to assess the general needs of the pertinent situation.


IMS consultation fees are $500 per day plus round trip air fare and lodging for the time required to complete the consultation visit. Fees are payable in advance for each scheduled visit.


To apply, contact the Society directly for specific forms and instructions. 

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