Character Teaching


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Cebu, Philippines

Character Teaching

Character Teaching in Mexico
Lee Havis conducting informal tutoring component of Charater Teachng project in Las Flores, Mex. (2001).

Menfret Melk, leading member of the Namibia consultation board of the “Character Teaching” project in that country.

CT Project in
In summer, 2016, Lee Havis designated Menfret Melk, a citizen of Namibia, West Africa, as first member of the consultation board of the “Character Teaching”(CT) project in that country. In this role, Menfret will contact high level government officials to obtain their support for this project that aims to eradicate poverty by using the IMS technology in various situations with the poor children more






Lee Havis second from right, meets with Uzzawal Baruwal (right) with associates from Nepal to discuss the IMS “Character Teaching” project. Meeting was helpd at the IMS office in Silver Spring Maryland on October 19, 2015.

New Hope in Nepal
On October 19, 2015, a delegation
of education-minded businessmen from Nepal met with Lee Havis, IMS executive
director, in Silver Spring, Maryland. The purpose was to discuss the possibility of initiating the IMS “Character Teaching”
(CT) project in Nepal. Uzzawal Baruwal, a leading member of the delegation, sought this meeting to learn more about the CT project which has been under onsideration in Nepal for several years. He sees this
project as a “New hope to do something for Montessori teaching in Nepal”. more




Resolving Poverty through a New Education
Character Teaching (CT) is a project that aims to resolve poverty and related destructive social issues by providing a new education for childrenread more

Character Teaching – A full Perspective
Montessori teaching follows laws of nature with children to bring about true normal character qualities, such as independence, self-discipline, patience, and integrity in the human personality. In this sense, it is a type of character teaching, which can be adapted to overcome many fundamental obstacles to progress in society…read more

Can Education Cure Poverty and Child Labor?
In 2008, poverty and child labor are growing problems that threaten the stability and progress of all countries in our complex global economy. Many look to education as a solution, without realizing the true cause or nature of the problem itself…. read more

In November, 2009, IMS received a letter of support for its Character Teaching (CT) project from the Ministry of Education in Ecuador. Lee Havis, project creator, views this government support as highly significant and promising for the eventual participation of various private foundations and agencies involved with funding programs designed to eradicate poverty through more

In February, 2009, Tanya Maldonado, Director, Instituto Inmagusa, (Coahuila, Mexico), joined the CT board. Her initial task has been to help draft a letter to the local state governor seeking an official letter of support for the project there.

Sudev Suchan, CT board member in Karnataka state (Bangalore), met with the governor of his state on July 28, 2009 to explain the CT project and request his official support. The governor expressed his pleasure about the project and asked Sudev to meet with his staff to provide details. In Calcutta, West Bengal, Sakyajit Banerjee joined the CT consultation board. Sakyajit is on the staff of Daffodil Buds Montessori school in Calcutta. In Maharastra Vishwa Bomsvah joined the board. Vishwas is director of a schol in Nagpun, Maharastra.

Montessori in India

In Bangalore, India, children spontaneously engage in building pink tower. This video clips shows how true natrual behavior emerges in spontaneous social harmony ammong children.











Nigeria, West Africa
Rashidah Sulaimon joined the CT board in June, 2009 after having attended the IMS convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2009. Rashidah is director of studies at the Ar-Rahman Montessori School in Lagos, more
Support Letters
Center for Child Education- Sulaimon
Ar-Rahama Montessori Schools
Kenya, Africa
CT board member, Jared Otiendo, submitted a letter of support for the project from his NGO, Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CDMHA). Jared is secretary general and co-founder of this agency. He has also met several times with the Ministry of Education in Kenya to seek its official support for the project.
Support Letter
Centre for Restoraton of Human Rights & Democracy

In Peru, Edwin Ladronne Guevara was recently appointed to the CT board. Edwin is a 1997 graduate of New York State University (Albany, NY), and in Cusco, he is the founder and director of a Technology Institute involved with Montessori education. Edwin is also an affiliated faculty member of the Universidad Andina del Cusco.