International Montessori
Accreditation Council (IMAC)

The International Montessori Accreditation Council was organized in 1994 to provide broad, inclusive standards to measure the quality of Montessori teacher education, and to provide recognition and accountability of behalf of that quality.

General Structure and Procedures
The agency International Montessori Accreditation Council (IMAC) is a private agency for the voluntary, non-governmental accreditation of educational programs for the preparation of Montessori teachers. Such accreditation is provided within an umbrella structure… read more

History and Background
Issues of Power, Control and Fear in Teacher Certification

After Dr. Montessori’s death in 1952, conflicts arose over Montessori teacher certification, challenging the central authority given by Dr. Montessori personally to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). In the United States, these conflicts finally erupted in a legal battle…read more

IMAC testifies before US Department of Education
On June 9, 2008, Lee Havis testified for IMAC before the US Department of Education, opposing the continuing government recognition of the Montessori Acreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). He specifically pointed out the harmful result of this recognition.…read more

Support Free Competition in Montessori Teacher Education
Sign petition in favor of IMAC position
In 1994, the IMAC agency was created to establish inclusive accreditation to all types of Montessori teacher education. However, its petition for recognition by the United State Department of Education (USDE) was denied… read more

Written Comments to US Department of Education
These comments substantiate argument against renewal of recognition of non-IMAC agency in same field of Montessori teacher education… read comments