"A new education from birth onward must be built up. Education must be reconstructed and based on the laws of nature and not on the preconceived notions and prejudices of adult society."
Dr. Maria Montessori, from The Formation of Man, p. 97

IMS Montessori Workshops
Presenting technology for scientific Montessori teaching

The two-day weekend IMS Montessori workshop features Lee Havis, IMS executive director, presenting the unique technology of scientific Montessori teaching that brings about the child’s true nature. Using this technology, anyone can effectively conduct this true natural Montessori teaching.

Lee Havis, executive director (IMS) in Brunei Darussalam on June 2-5, 2012.

Lee Havis – true natural Montessori teaching 

The work of IMS
Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, the International Montessori Society (IMS) is a non-profit educational corporation led by founder and director, Lee Havis. Since our foundation in 1979, our primary objective has always been to provide a network of support and resources for learning and practicing the Montessori Method in its unique “true natural” form as a scientific way of being with children that is committed to laws of nature.

The Montessori Method is widely known around the world, and, as represented by the International Montessori Society, has proven to be effective and transformational on many levels of social and cognitive development. The method originally evolved from the study and observation of young children by Dr. Maria Montessori in Italy in the early 1900’s. In 1907, Montessori conducted scientific observation of these children by controlling the environment, not the child. In this way of being, she observed that a new child to emerge, showing such outward true normal qualities as spontaneous self-discipline, love of order, and complete harmony with others. After 1907, Dr. Montessori sought to instruct others in how to bring about this true natural being in children through a type of scientific observation that eventually came to be known as Montessori teaching.

In 1979, Havis discovered and came to understand exactly how Montessori teaching achieved its amazing original results with children. Today, Havis provides this knowledge by managing, guiding, and coordinating all IMS activities, programs and operations. This includes regular publications, teacher education, membership, recognition of Montessori school, workshops, and other support for learning and practicing scientific true natural Montessori Teaching throughout the world. In 2003, Havis consolidated new practical guidance for this type of Montessori teaching, which he calls “technology.” Since 2003, IMS has been offering this technology so that anyone can now follow the Montessori Teaching Method in a precise, scientific manner that was never possible before.

For more information on this method, we invite you to browse through the remainder of our website and contact the International Montessori Society today. We’d be pleased to introduce you to the Montessori Program and aid in discovering your child’s true natural development, and in creating Dr. Montessori’s great vision of a revolutionary new education in the world.


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