Teacher Education

True Natural Montessori Teaching

The IMS Montessori teacher education program provides essential inner preparation for a natural scientific approach to children that brings about their true normal being. This type of true natural Montessori teaching follows laws of nature to control the environment, not the child. In 1907, this approach led Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907 to discover the child’s true nature, revealing such normal qualities as precocious intelligence, love of order, self-discipline and complete harmony with others.

Dr. Montessori studied and described her discoveries and research into this true normal being throughout the world until her death in 1952. Unfortunately, her understanding of how to bring about this hopeful new phenomenon was limited and incomplete, leaving practitioners with a considerable confusion and mystery about exactly what is Montessori teaching.

What is Montessori Teaching
After 1952, Montessori teaching became increasingly confused with conventional ideas and opinions, limiting its understanding to some particular personality or culture. Within this conventional context, practitioners could only achieve partial and incomplete results at best. Montessori teaching, therefore, is now commonly represented in its conventional, limited form that functions within the conventional context of either personality or culture.

In 1969, Lee Havis began studying the problem of the original type of Montessori teaching, first as a classroom teacher, and then later by directing training programs for Montessori teaching in the 1970’s. Through this process, Lee solved this problem in 1979, by discovering how Montessori teaching works to bring about the child’s true nature. Based on this discovery, he established the International Montessori Society (IMS) to share his experience and knowledge of this true natural Montessori teaching with others through such means as the IMS Montessori teacher education program.

The IMS course presents Montessori teaching as a scientific way of being committed to laws of nature. In practice, it functions to control the environment, not the child , viewing the child as an unknown spiritual being and the environment as everything around that child, consisting of three distinct elements: (1) other children (2) physical objects and (3) adult personality. Controlling the environment means to experimentally remove its various detrimental influences so that the child’s true normal being can freely emerge according to its own perfect inner guidance of nature.

In the IMS course, you will learn the practical skills of this type of true natural Montessori teaching through academic study, inner preparation and various observation exercises. The coursework is set forth in a detailed study guide, presenting a series of 22 lessons that leads you gradually to a clear understanding of Montessori teaching and its practical application with children. The course also equips you with a precise technology for practicing this approach in a reliable, scientific manner.

The Technology
In 2003, Lee consolidated a comprehensive technology for successfully practicing true natural Montessori teaching, consisting of 10 techniques, 20 protocols, 3 lesson presentations and various safe words. Taken together, these tools allow you to conduct scientific experiments to control the child’s environment with great skill, precision, and confidence.

The Challenge
The greatest challenge in Montessori teaching is to control the adult personality. In the IMS course, you will learn how to do this through the power of imagination and deep self-examination.

The course evaluator guides you in this process of inner preparation by providing personalized written comments in response to each lesson you submit. In addition, you can contact the evaluator at any time for individual follow-up consultation through private e-mail or direct telephone conversation.

The Choice
The IMS course offers a clear choice for following laws of nature, rather than personality or culture. Now, you can follow Dr. Montessori’s original scientific approach in a conscious, objective way that was never possible before. Applying this approach with children, you will see for yourself the same wonderful qualities of true normal being that appeared to Dr. Montessori in 1907. Choose the IMS course if you want to equip yourself for this type of true natural Montessori teaching to help children bring about a whole new and better humanity in the world.